Fraud, corruption and other irregularities exist in all companies, large and small. To deal with this problem both investigation of suspected cases and preventative activities are required. We provide solutions for your company, planned and implemented in collaboration with you, the customer.

Sometimes, an independent investigation is needed

Fraud and corruption are sensitive subjects, and require competence that may not exist in-house, and for those reasons many companies choose to engage an external party when investigation is required. We provide investigations, checkups and advice when suspicions arise.

Education strengthens your resistance

Increased awareness is a good defense against fraud and corruption. We plan and conduct training, seminars, workshops and lectures according to your needs.

Our work methods work

We have extensive experience in the profession and always carry out investigations with a focus on privacy, integrity and respect for the individual. Our investigation model is proven, structured and implemented in close collaboration with the customer.

Available and flexible

Suspicions of irregularities occur when you least expect it, therefore we are available to you when you need us. Our customers often have a packed calendar and appreciate being able to call us when it suits them, no matter what time it is.

Carina Sörqvist Senior consultant

Send mail | +46 707 97 97 64

Carina Sörqvist is a transaction specialist and specializes in investigation of suspected irregularities in large companies and organizations. She has over 20 years of experience as a senior consultant and has also worked as Internal Control Manager for a multinational company.

Carina has led large investigations in which the client participates in the team, but she also conducts entire investigations on behalf of the customer. Carina has developed and implemented action plans for incidents for her clients.

Based on long experience of investigating suspected fraud and corruption, Carina has developed a solid practical basis for holding lectures and courses including, but not limited to, investigation and interviewing techniques. Carina’s working methods are based on trust, experience and respect.

Mattias Ottosson Consultant

Send mail | +46 70 44 11 212

Mattias Ottosson has several years of experience in investigation regarding suspected irregularities and corruption with a focus on analytical examination. With his ability to identify deviations in large materials, Mattias has participated in high profile cases in close collaboration with customers and partners.

In addition to work experience from the Swedish Armed Forces and the school system, Mattias has been trained to be able to carry out analysis and reviews within the cultural heritage sector. Mattia’s way of working is characterized by confidentiality, integrity and respect for all parties involved.